TicTacToe: Making and printing the board


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and how is every I hope everyone is doing well. So today we are back with the tic tac toe challenge. And what we're going to be doing in this round is around is doing making print board. That's basically the most simple thing over here. Oh I forgot to delete that. But what was that thing? Okay basically I also have a different over here so we can test a little more comfortably without having all this mess over here. Okay? Um but we're gonna make the mess function so really quick, this is gonna do death make board and we're not gonna pass it anything. We didn't make the board and board is going to equal. Oh a list would listen okay and we're going to have spaces, spices, spices and then we're gonna have another list as another row I guess you could call it and then we have our board. Now we're also gonna want to make that's print scored so that we're just take board. There we go. And basically what we wanna do is print the board but basically in this matter over here so let me get rid of this terminal and new terminal. Okay perfect. Okay So now what we're gonna do is we're going to do four row inboard what we're going to print. Okay guys and then we joined them by doing these. God join maybe thank you. Um What's the N. S. A. And I think I don't know what I'm doing, I apologize guys. Okay. Where God joined grow and then we're also on plus oh we want plus And then one final ending one and line starting brackets. And that should look pretty nice. And now we're gonna move it over to make and print board just to see if this would actually work. So what is this? Get rid of that? That this Okay, now we're gonna check that works and it prints this whole tic tac toe board perfectly and we have a way of reaching them. Okay, now I'm gonna show you guys really quick and it's not really simpler but I guess it's a different way that you can do it which is basically for room and board first hurt meatballs bro. Zero, second part Big woods. Well, and here's what we're gonna do guys. Okay, it's you. Yes, fish. And then we're gonna do so crazy. Mm And then we'll do that. That. Whoa, okay. And I want to do the same thing. I'm going to explain this a little bit more and second, I just want to show you guys that it works and last part Equals that. But two. Okay. And then we would just print first part plus second part plus blast part. And that should work the same. And basically explaining how this works. Is that we want to print ro zero but inside a string that makes it look like it's inside square brackets. Right? And f basically allows us to be able to have a string with code. And so this is our code chunk and this is basically just allow these curly brackets are just allowing that code part to be inside it, and this code chunk is going to be inside the square brackets, which is a string, and that's kind of how that works. And as you can see, we have a beautiful defacto bored out here. And yeah, so we made and printed artifact aboard and now we have that defined here. That's perfect. Okay, thank you guys so much for tuning in and I hope you guys are excited too, do game over, update board and all that fun stuff. So yeah, goodbye.
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Pretty self explanatory, we are going to create and print the board for our TicTacToe game

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