3rd person character controller -1


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Hi everyone in this cast will be working on a third person character controller script which is going to let us move our character to the left, right forward and backward in our scene. Now character controllers allow you to easily implement movement in your game and out here I have this city scene set up and in the middle of my scene view you can see I have a camera now clicking on the camera to the right of this scene view, you can see inside of this window is what the camera sees. So what we do is we are going to be placing our character in front of this camera here. Now we'll be using two animations. The first animation will be an idle animation where the character isn't doing anything and the second animation is going to be a walking animation. So when the player which is you you're not moving the left right up and down arrow keys. That means the character is in idle state when the game is playing. So idle state could just be, you know, moving back and forth. And when you do move your character to let's say the left side, then we want the character to walk in a walking animation. So to get our characters with the animation head over here to maximo and I've already signed in. So this lets you animate three D. characters and download them for free. And there's a bunch of characters that you can use and I'm going to be using Michelle. So out here we have Michelle. Now let's find an animation for Michelle clicking up here in the Nav bar, you'll see there's a different types of animation animation for example. Um We have this one and then we have jumping up and down so let's find an idle animation and well I'll just go with this one dwarf idol and to the right click on the download button and leave everything be as is so trim and overdrive etcetera and let everything be as is here as well. And the format will be F B X. So dot fbx and dot A B J are the common three D asset formats. So go ahead and click on download which will download this animation for you and then go ahead. And let's also um find a walking animation. So I'm just gonna click in this uh type in the search board and here we have this walking animation and um I'm just gonna go ahead and click here and once again download and that's pretty much it for this cast. In the next cast cast, we'll import our animations in the Unity Editor and start working on that
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Previously we've moved a cube left, right, backward and forward. In this cast we will import an idle and walking animation and start working on making a third person character controller to move our character. This character controller script will allow us to move our character easily

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