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Hello. Since we released our booze collection. Um This past monday we've got a bunch of questions about how to get started um in the N. F. T. Space with actually purchasing an N. F. T. And how to even go ahead with setting up and meta mask wallet. Um There's a bunch of different kinds of wallets you can use but meta mask tends to be the most popular. So in this tutorial I wanted to just go over how to actually obtain and get a metal mask wallet for yourself. So what we're going to do is we're going to go into the web browser that we're gonna be using um And we're gonna go to dot IO and we're going to download it which is actually just an extension I'm using Chrome. They do have it for every major um browser, wow my brain just heartbreaking browser for uh as far as I know. Uh Yeah chrome, Firefox, Brave and edge they all support it for. So we're gonna go ahead and install it to our chrome. Perfect. So it'll pop up the login page here. I for some reason it never works with help me refreshing at once. So just give it a refresh if it shows up blank there. Um And then we're gonna go ahead with getting started if you already have an existing wallet you can import it or if this is your first time you can go ahead and create a brand new wallet. That's what we're gonna do today. So we're going to create a wallet set up. Just your general password. Let's do. Thank you. And then if you've never set up a metal mask wallet before, I highly recommend watching this video about the secret recovery phrase. The secret recovery phrase is a non changeable phrase that will give you access to your wallet and you have to keep it safe if you lose it or if it gets shared, your wallet is compromised and that you can't do anything about it. As far as I know you every really really want to make sure that it's something you keep secure, they recommend being very particular with where you keep it. So um go ahead and make sure that when we go into this next step um and you reveal these words, you go ahead and you write them all down um once you reveal these and you hit next, the next step is going to be to reenter them all to confirm that you have them correct. Um But given that how secure this phrase is, I'm actually just gonna skip over this and hit remind me later for the sake of this tutorial. If you're setting up a wallet, do not skip over it, make sure that you do complete this step because if anything was to happen, you're not going to be able to get back into your wallet. So now we are in the main area of our wallet. If we actually close out of here and we click on the meta mask extension up here, it's our same view there. It starts us on the ethereum a net, which is the ethereum network. Um and as you can see, we of course don't have any funds here. This is my account that is generated for me. So it generated a wallet for me with my wallet address, which is the address that is right here. Um, you do have some options to either import other accounts. So if you have multiple wallets, if you want to import them both um into a single window um then you can do it that way and you can also add other networks, which is what I'm going to do in the rest of this video. Our booze and a lot of energies are now being hosted on the polygon network because the price of ethereum has become so high for gas fees. A lot of people are turning to polygon also. We like polygon because it is proof of stake over proof of work and if you're not familiar with what that means, um I will link an article that I wrote about why we chose to go with polygons and the proof of stake mechanism as whole. So in order to add this polygon network, what we're actually gonna do is we're gonna go to the police can, we'll go ahead and scroll down and we'll hit the add polygon network. This is the official um like polish can is the, is the official um website for all the contracts, everything every transaction that goes through on the polygon Blockchain. So This is the verified one, it will always give you this warning that this chain does not match. Um I know that the chain ideas 137 because I worked with this change so much. But if you're ever adding a network you're not sure about. You do want to make sure that you actually do verify the network details before you do it. So I'm gonna go ahead and switch over to that network. The network will be called the mattock main net because Maddox is the currency that they use. However to be confusing. Open C. Only takes um ethereum on the polygon Blockchain. They don't actually take maddock. Um So let's go to the code regulars. Open C. Here. You fools. Mhm. Let's go to our there was there. So if we were wanting to purchase a boo we were hit by now You go on to. You can see that it's listed as ethereum on polygon for 0.01. So when you go into open sea for the first time you're going to want to connect your wallet will pop up here. Ask you to connect it and then it'll show this connected symbol up here in your wallet. Also you're open C. Doesn't have credentials outside of your wallet. You interact with the open sea with your wallet. So if you use a different wallet that has a different address, it will be a different open C. Account. So whatever um wallet contains any N. F. T. S. That you have that's the specific account that they will show up in. So because the they're listed on ethereum on polygon when you have money in here if you have let's say 20 Matic or something in here in order to change it to be able to purchase on here you would just hit swap you would select how much you needed. It's gonna say I don't have enough because I of course don't have anything in there and you're going to search up either and you're just going to actually go ahead and hit the swap once that's done you'll get a separate token underneath here That says zero Ether which is what I have there. I added that token essentially to the account there and it will show you that you do have money is as ether and then you will be able to buy it. If you don't do this swapping portion here you won't be able to purchase anything on open C. On the polygon network because they don't take maddox directly. Mhm. So that was a little bit of a crash course. I hope it clarified how to go ahead and make the purchase once you hit by now for the first time it's going to request that you sign something for the very first time he's gonna say it's a tribute collection. You agree and then the very first time you do anything it will make you unlock a currency. Um This is asking for you to actually add funds but this you only have to do this the first time. Um It will be a small gas fee and then after that every time you want to buy it and you just approve the transaction in your wallet and you go ahead and do that After that you will have the boot for yourself. So I hope that helps. And if you have any more questions regarding how to set up meta mask or use meta mask um With the polygon network on open C. Don't hesitate to ask. I'd be happy to fill you in and if you haven't already please check out the boost collection. Um I'll include the link down in the descriptions that you can check it out. There is 500 of them. And if you go on to our discord um you will have access to an entire section once you've verified your N. F. T. Ownership with our discord server that gives you access to a bunch of educational content um Specifically relating to creating N. F. T. S. Working with Web three, working with wallets and stuff like that. And we're planning on releasing a ton more educational content that will be exclusive to our booze holders. So definitely make sure that if you purchase a boo you are joining that network to get the most out of actually having a boo n f t.
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