Finishing the maze


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All right after I say I save you all like 10 minutes of just brutal debugging. But I had to experience but here's the issue. So have the new version of the code by the way. I think I gave you all access to it. Let me check let me add it as a project folder. Yeah okay you should have access to that now. Who So the issue was I was saying okay this is X. And this is Y. Right but this was three and this was one. So yeah that was our exes that we were won over because I wanted to start here and ry is how far down we were. So yeah we're three down one over so 1/3 down. And now it gives us the exit is 34. That's 3/0 1234 down 01234. And it gives us the valid exit. That's our nearest exit 34. Beautiful. How is some serious debugging? I just wanna make sure you got the new version of the code it's found. Just mixed up some stuff like that but everything's working. There was also another bug where I was saying uh where I was saying already visited I would say new ex new ex. Yeah right here it was new X. New X. Instead of X. And Y. So that's why I wasn't finding stuff that had already been visited so we fixed that as well. Sorry you couldn't be there for it. It's just sometimes you get stuck debugging. And I wanted to save you all the effort but thanks a lot. See you next time solving a hard problem and rest. Bye bye.
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A simple bug, finally fixed!

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