#2 Introduction to PostgreSQL: Installation Guide


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So there are two ways to install postgres onto your machine. You can either use a graphical installer like big SQL or postgres dot app or you can choose to use a package manager to install V. I command line. In this video, we will learn to install postgres through our command line. I am currently using a mac Os. So for Windows, I am not sure if the installation is different, but for mac users this is how we do it. So if you don't have homebrew first, we'll have to go to brew dot S. H to install homebrew. So what we do is we copy this and we paste into our terminal and you hit enter and they will install homebrew. This usually takes up to several minutes. But because I have already installed homebrew, I would not install it again. So I'm just gonna delete it once your homebrew has completed installing, we would have to type brew install postgres SQL again. I have already installed post grad so I'm not going to install it but this command will also take another few minutes once you're installed have completed, you will have to type through services, Start postgres SQL to start your postgres services every time you start up or restart your computer. So if your postgres doesn't work, remember to type Bruce service, start postgres kilo again. If you want to stop your postgres service, you can also type brew service. Stop postgres queue up. So I think I already have postgres running in my background. So I'm gonna type this to stop it. So as you can see postgres is taking a while um let's run brew service. Start Postgres QL to show you guys that it's working. So as you can see we have successfully started Postgres. And in order to check that if it's working again, we can type okay Postgres, V. O. Or whoops when you keep miss typing or type the SQL so as you can see, my postgres version is 14.1. So I have successfully installed and started my Postgres kilo. In the next video, we will learn to create our users and database.
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This video will teach you how to install and set up PostgreSQL through macOS terminal

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