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talking about the new series where we're going to cover the angular. So what is angular? Mhm. It is actually a platform based on the typescript. Initially the angular was was released on the base of Js, the plain vanilla Js and it was a different thing but then they upgraded it now the angular angular Js is a different thing and angular is a different thing and nobody uses angular Js really for now. So we are going to use this angular which has its own, you know, a complete framework, it has the views, it has the models, it has the the components and everything of framework needs. So we're gonna we're gonna just learn that anyway. Um why? You know why learn the angular, why not work on the vanilla javascript? Actually the vanilla javascript or the core javascript is good but it has it's very straightforward and uh it's not following any framework. So there are multiple problems when you use the core language, even though if even if its ph ph javascript or any other language. Sorry. So the first problem is you have to design everything yourself and you have to define your own rules every time. So when you define your rules absolutely, your partner or your friend or your co worker colleague can't just work on that code which is which is defined by you because you know everybody has different rules to define anything or do any work but when you're using some framework like angular, you absolutely can simply, you know, you have to follow this specific frameworks rules. So now if anybody knows those rules can usually start on the specific framework like angular. So this is how and this is why the angular framework is important. And then the angular is absolutely a feature rich framework. There are a few things in angular which is not normal. But yeah, they're in favor of public in mass public anyway. For example the the angular is very much pretty much you can say opinionated. So you have to follow their opinions and you have to know you know what they want to write you. This is one thing but we've learned next Js in the same platform. Absolutely. The next days is also opinionated. However, the react Js is not that much opinionated. So you can put your own rules in the, in the next day in the react Js by following their rules, their defined rules, the base rules anyway, the angular is in angular you just most of the times they've defined everything. So it's a good thing. I mean it's more easier for you to work and it's more you know comprehensive. But you know, if you want to follow the opinion everything, this is just one thing anyway. Um, what you need to know if you want to start the angular, you absolutely need to know the Js, the vanilla javascript is a is a basic key for any framework, any Js framework and once you know, the the Js, I highly suggest you should know the typescript do, which is not a big problem. And the typescript is also available in our the code cast. You can simply go to the, you can simply need to search for the next days and you're sorry the typescript and you're gonna get the typescript codes. The typescript series is so there you simply can learn about the typescript anyway. Um you need to know about the A. P. I. S. It is an important thing because you're gonna hit the A. P. I. S. Using the the angular. So you need to know how the A. P. I. S. Works. You need to know the basic object, the object oriented programming because every framework based on the object oriented programming. So this is what you need to know. We also have the object oriented programming series in in our project in our website. You just need to search for the 00. P. In typescript, you're gonna learn that anyway. So these are the important things you need to know before starting the angular and then you are good to go to simply kick start with the angular one more thing I want to clarify about the angular, the angular doesn't have a back end. It's a framework, it's a fringe and framework. Unlike the next Js, it doesn't, you know, it doesn't you cannot simply create the api within the angular this is the perks of using the next Js anyway. But here you have to use the node Js for the back end server. Or you can use any backend server. You can use the PHP or whatever you want. And then you also, you know, you also can if you want to use some some created a P. I. Some scribbled a P. I. S. Then you absolutely do not need any server. You just can use those pre built api and can consume the data. But it's 161 situation and one condition. Absolutely. It doesn't apply over time anyway. So in the next video we're gonna actually start working on the angular. I hope we had a good talk about the about what is angular and why we should use angular enough. So let's meet in the next cast.
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Introduction to Angular.

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