Chatty Chat: Part 7 - Fix Display Link

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Hi everyone. Just a small fix. So we actually don't need to create element div If we go to index dot html we already have a div with an idea of room link and we're just going to append to this div the anchor tag that which is dynamically created. So instead of create elements, I'm just going to say document dot get element by ID D. And the I. D. Is room link, which in fact then means that the anchor tag will not have this room link I. D. Since I. D. S are unique and cannot be shared by elements. So that looks fine. And because we change this color to pink, let's actually change it again to this color white because white is gonna look nicer on that background. So anyways, so so far everything looks okay. And coming back here, let's check this out. Oops, uh let's see what happened. Dave dot Okay. So we don't have to append this to the documents so let's get rid of that. And now coming back, this should do it and there you go. So now we have the link displayed below the create button and we have this joint um anchor tag as well, which if we click on, it opens up the meeting room in a new tab and moving on, we work on using socket dot io so that people can basically chat with each other
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Let's get the room link under the "Create" button where we actually want it!

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