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So in this video we're actually gonna clean the code because in the browser we have all these things. We have absolutely tested the next the tailwind actually. But we do not need any anything like that when I clicked on that link. Yeah, this is why I need to clean the code because it sent me to the next Js dot org. We do not need the next day is so the link is on this, this text is uh is not necessary and nothing in this uh in this web page is important. So I'm gonna go back and I'm simply gonna clean this application. Okay. So I need to go to the pages and I can, you can see that we have two major pages. The app dot Js. It is not the page actually. It's a bootstrap. The the the whole application bootstraps using this one and then the next one is the in extra chairs in the index dot Js. We can delete everything or I mean we can delete whatever you're returning here or we can delete everything the application have. So first of all I'm going to delete uh I think I'm going to delete everything this return has and I'm simply gonna protective, I'm gonna write next Js with tailwind. That's clean. Okay. I do not use this style of function. But anyway, the next thing I need to delete is I do not need the images for now. I'm going to delete this and I do not need this is tile this tile is coming from the the the home dot module dot CSS I'm gonna delete that and I am not using the head for now. So I deleted that too. Okay I could have deleted everything at once but I deleted you know, part by part in you know intentionally. So just to make sure just to make you sure that you know the importance and stuff of what we've deleted and why? Anyway this home dot module dot CSS is not important anymore because this home dot module dot CSS is associated with this home. This home the function which is home module anyway. And uh we deleted whatever CSS we had in this page. So this is not important anymore. So I can delete that now. Yeah. Move to trash. That's awesome. Okay. Nothing more here. Which we need to be deleted. Which we need to delete. I think everything is fine now. So this was kind of simple. Um simple and plain cast. Just to clean the code in the next video. We are absolutely gonna do something with the tailwind until then stay tuned
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In this Cast, we're going to give our code from installing and generating the app a clean.

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