#4 Introduction to PostgreSQL: Deleting and Altering a User


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in this video we will learn to delete and alter users role. So as we mentioned before in order to log in, we just have to type es que up because we want to log into our default user which is for me Elena. And if we want to check again our table of users, we can type backslash the I have removed the user test one from my last video but we can easily create it back. So create roll a test one with vlogging password, password. So as I mentioned before, I do remember the place of somebody colon. Um in the last video I did type them in capitals. So this is not case sensitive when you're creating users or queries but it is a good practice to write them in upper case. But just for demonstration purposes, I'm just letting you know you can write it in lower case as well. So I'm gonna type it. It will tell you that you have successfully created around. So again, bu we will see that we have created our test one. Now what if you're like, oh I probably don't want this user anymore. So all we have to do is type drop robe and the user name. So for in this case we want to drop test one again, remember the semicolon or it won't work and you'll see that we have successfully dropped the rope. So again backslash bu to check that we have no longer have the test one so it's gone but we want to create it again. So we want to create the room just double check we have test one but this time we want to alter the rules. So we want to grant us some permission. Maybe in test one we want to create a database. So we want to grant this permission to test one. Or maybe we wanted to be a super user. So we can do by typing alter user again. Use your name. So whatever your user name is in our case it is test one with super user. So let's check again. And this time we see that test one did have granted the access of super user once more. We can drop row test one and we can drop test one in the next video. We will learn how to create database and work with them.
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In this video you will learn to delete and alter user roles.

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