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So before we actually start building out our functionality with javascript, let's take a brief look at the html and CSS. So in the index dot html file we are going to be using the bootstrap library And up here we have our Nav bar which is this part here in our web app And then we have a container with these two headings. So introduction section one and section two. And we also have these paragraphs and moving down we have a container with our canvas element and the canvas element has an idea of canvas. And this is this part here on our web page. And lastly we have a container which has these two input elements whose attribute type is set to radio. And we also have the clear button which is this button here and it has an on click attribute whose value is a function called Clear sig. And then we have a second button which is this safe button in green and it has an on click attribute whose value is the function is safe. So that's all about the HTML. There's not a lot going on here and similarly in CSS uh there's not much going on either. So our canvas is set to a width of 300 pixels and we have a border a solid red water around it. And we also have this a cursor property whose value is set to this image of a hand. So it's kind of a nice effect which lets the user know okay we have to assign inside of this red box and then the height is set to auto. We also have some styles for the H two heading and Nav Bar. So that's all about the html and CSS. And in the next podcast, we'll actually start building out the functionality so that someone can sign, put their signature here.
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A brief overview of the HTML and CSS in the app.

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