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So in this video we're actually going to talk about how we can install Next Js. So actually we have already had a detailed discussion about how we can possibly install the next Js um and how to utilize the next days and you know, how we can do things on the next day is in another series, which is actually which title is introduction to next day. Yes, So you can check that out too, but for the sake of, you know, continuing our videos in our series, we have to go through installing the next day. So this is what we're gonna do in this series. So basically we're going to cover the tailwind but we're, you know, we can apply the tailwind in any Js framework, but we are using the next Js right now for the sake of, you know, uh the for for the sake of using the Js framework. So we can use the react react. And next day is almost similar because the next day is easy, you know, is the super set of react. So ultimately both works similarly. We're just going with the um, next year's for now. Anyway, I'm going inside the folder where we're going to create our next Js application and in this folder I'm gonna create, I'm gonna open the terminal and I did that and now I can, you know, I can I can actually, you know, put the command which is N P X. And sorry, not MPX, but the N P X. Space create next Okay, So if you think, I mean, if you do not know what is N P X. Then again, you need to, you know, you need to get the series which is on the next day specifically. So you would know a little more about that anyway. You need to have the no Js and you need to have the, you know, when you install the no Js Ultimately you would get the npm the node package manager with it and only after that you can, you know, use this command in the command line. Okay. I press the enter key and now it is doing something. The first question is absolutely, what is the name of the project? I'm going to write next Js? Uh tailwind. Okay. And I'm going down and now I got the folder right here in the project folder because we're in the projects folder for now and it's now it's installing the dependencies like the react react document Next. Absolutely. We are going to have the react because next Js is based on react. We already know that anyway. Now it's installing the is land and the configuration for the next let's give the system a little time. It is going to install everything and then we would be able to go further refined next sWc and things you can see that it is just going on. Okay. Now we got the next Js installed in our system. Now there are a few commands we can use for example, uh first of all to run the next Js we need to be inside this, you know, this directory, C. D. So the directory is next day stable wind. There are three major commands. We're gonna use the Npm. Run DEV. Npm run build npm Run start. Npm Start actually. So start the development server, build the app for production, run the built up in production mode. And then here the next day is tailwind. So cD next Js till wind and then we are inside there. They suggested that to be inside this folder and then run the first command I'm running that NPM. Run DEV and then Absolutely. Okay. You can see that the server, the next J server is here. If you just click on this link, you are going to have the server and you can see that we actually have created the next day's application successfully in the next video. Absolutely. We're gonna put the tailwind and we're gonna sit at the tailwind and then we are, we were going to start doing things with the tailwind until then stay tuned
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In this Cast, we will install and Setup Next.js.

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