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something interesting actually. You know, in the previous lecture we had a discussion that how we can um connect the the view and this tile in this video, we're gonna talk how we do not need if we do not need to connect the style and the view every time. I mean we can skip that. That's not an ideal situation what I'm gonna do. But yeah, that is possible. So here we used the property template ural in the template. Ural. We are providing a mural. You can see that and that's understandable because we are asking for the ural and in the style urals we are we're adding this tile mural in as it's your els. I mean it's plural, then absolutely. We can add multiple styles, bilingual comma. But that's not a thing right now. What I'm doing by now is instead of adding the urals, I'm going without a ural. So I'm writing template this way. And then when you write template directly, you simply can, you know, I'm using the string, literal and here um I actually can write the whole template. So here I am writing review within the components. Okay, you need to add a comma and I need to save it. Let's see what's gonna happen. It's still connected. It should not be by the way, but I'm going to the browser. Uh yeah, you can see that, it's displaying this one. If I just make it silent by making it a commend, I'm going back and you can see that the view within the component, it's working. You can see that. So if you want to make it, you know, it's do or you want to do anything. You can do that right here right now. You can see that the view within the component here it is edge too. You can see that, you can do it without even the euro. That's it. That's a nice thing by the way. Same way you can write this style's not the style because you know, we were talking about the U R L S so here this style also plural in this way and here what I'm gonna do is aah do, I'm calling the H do and I'm doing something with the H two. It's a simple uh you know, CSS practice. So what I'm doing here is uh color blue. Let's make it blue and let's just make it not working, go to the browser and you can see that it's it got blows so absolutely it's working and it's pretty simple. So I just wanted to show you that you can also go with these tiles and you can also go with the the tablet, which is which means actually you now you do not need these files so the component, it's is itself completed. You do not need the html, you do not need the CSS so as you know that in the if you know or not, I mean in the react you actually can do a lot of things in a single file specifically in the next Js actually you actually can write the, the, the component and in within the component. You can do everything like, you know, exporting the component and you also can right everything you want to write inside the the components of the similar. You can also do similar things here too. So this is just a thing, but we're gonna go with the, you know, the template urine and this trial euros very by the way. Um, anyways from the next video, we're gonna learn something more until then stay june.
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Styling and view within the Component.

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