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So let's go ahead and test our app before we do that. I noticed I had a small spelling error here. Its detects state that's the correct spelling. So control S to save that and now heading back, let me remove the previous version and then get the new version up here and let's go ahead and test this and here when we click on the start button, the set detection into real methodist called set to 15 seconds and the start sound is played. And clicking on the button triggers the detect state function, which will use the on state changed event handler from chrome's Idol A. P. I. And that detects the state change. And you could you can see that when the state is idle for 15 seconds. The alarm sound is played at an interval of one second and when we are active then that interval is cleared. So once again let's remain idle for 15 seconds. Okay? There you go. So some more functionality that you could add to this extension is a stop button which will clear the time interval and allow you to stop your work procrastination session
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Let's test our app

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