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so to install the cli we're gonna use the NPM. Absolutely. But once we get the the cli we will be using the N. G. So there it is a folder where I have it where we're going to have the angular practices. So I'm just simply opening the nPM shell here. It is not very necessary. But I'm just following this. I mean you can open the terminal anywhere you want because the the cli will be we're going to be you know, installed globally. So we do not need to follow any specific folder. So simply going to copy that the NPM install g angular cli I just copied and I'm going there and I'm simply pasting it right here. Npm install hyphen G. After eight angular slash C. L. A. And I'm gonna press the enter key. Once I do that it is installing you can see that the angular and uh okay it's going going good. It can take a little time. No problem. That is totally fine because there are a lot of things needs to be installed. It's nothing is coming to this folder because you know it's installing globally. So all good. Okay we've got it uh Nearly 1 93 packages. And audited you know actually 1 1993 packages has been installed in our system. So now we are able to use the angular cli. So we're gonna use the angular cli but in the next video to install the angular Children stay tuned
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Install Angular CLI.

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