3rd person character controller - 2


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In this cast, we'll be downloading our three D. animated assets that we downloaded. So go up to assets in the ME in this menu bar and then come down to import new asset and then let's import dwarf Idol and once again go up to assets and let's also import walking. And then you want to go ahead and drag and drop this dwarf idol animated asset out here. And uh you might need to use the move tool. So the move tool is this second tool up here in the toolbar. The move tool allows you to move your game object on the X, Y and Z axis. So clicking on the camera, I can see in the main camera view that I can kind of see my character, but not properly. So I'm going to move it a bit further away from the camera. And now let's check. Yeah, almost there. What if I move it forward? No, that doesn't help. Let's just move it back and further away. Okay, There you go. So now if I click on a play, you'll see that a character is not animated as yet. So we'll go ahead and work on that next
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Let's import our animated 3D assets in our project

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