OOP with TypeScript: Introduction (Part 2)


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previous uh oh P. Series in typescript. So in a series we're gonna you know cover the the concepts we didn't talk about in the previous the previous series regarding the O. P. So if you're gonna talk about, you know, in this series we're mainly going to talk about the polymorphism, the abstraction of the four pillars of the opr, you know, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation. Yeah. Sorry. So um we talked about the encapsulation, we talked about the inheritance. Now we're going to talk about the polymorphism and the abstraction. So and a few more things or you know, which we think we should finish when we are covering the basics of the O. P. So this is uh this series is all about and I'm hoping that once you finish this series, but you know, if you're in you're in this video, this video specifically I made, I'm making just because I want to tell you that you should follow the first part of the the previous part of the series. Uh then once you finish that then you can come to this one and you can continue. You know, you can continue the finishing the LP basics and then absolutely, once you finish both of the series, you would be and you would be able to understand how the framework works. Different frameworks works and how you can use the Opie approach in your programming. So this is the This this this series is all about, you know, Opie. Okay then from the next cast we're actually gonna start working on the you know, the Ethiopian typescript. Part two until then stay tuned.
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We introduce the topics we'll be going over in the second OOP TypeScript Series.

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