Elixir Deep Dive

  • 6 hours of interactive learning
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the recorded workshop

In this workshop, we will learn the basic principles of Functional Programming using the Elixir language.

This workshop will be conducted completely online on CodeCast, you will have access to the live video with CodeCast’s unique real time code streaming experience. Interactive and premium ticket holders will be able to ask questions and get help from TAs as well.

Elixir is a new functional language designed for productivity and maintainability that runs on the Erlang VM. The Erlang VM is time tested (more than 20 years old), very fast and has awesome concurrency and inter-process communication.

This workshop is ideal for you if:

  • You have at least 6 months of programming experience
  • You love learning new programming languages
  • You want to learn functional programming

In addition to talking about the basics and reasoning behind Functional Programming, we will be covering the following of the Elixir basics:

  • Primitive data structures: Strings, Integers/Floats, Atoms, Pids, Refs, and Ports
  • Pattern matching and control flow
  • Collection data structure: Lists / Tuples / Maps / Keyword Lists
  • Modules & Functions
  • Function composition and the |> operator
  • Structs and the Struct Module Pattern 

On CodeCast you will be able to see all the code change instantly as the instructor types them in a very interactive way.

Workshop times

Morning Session

Jan 18, 2020
From: 09:00 AM to: 12:00 PM

Afternoon session

Jan 18, 2020
From: 01:00 PM to: 04:00 PM

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Founder & CEO at CodeCast: https://www.codecast.io/. Software developer, coding instructor, and entrepreneur.

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